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Not all obese eat more

Not all vegetarians look youthful

Not all sick eat junk food

Not all alcoholics are diseased

Not all smokers suffer from cancer

Not all with poor eating habits show signs of premature ageing.

So, do you still think we are what we eat?
If not,then what determines a person's physique?
You can reverse your body by doing physical exercises and cutting down your fat. Can you reverse the way you look (your face) going to gym?

Certainly not!

Have you seen kids eating sand and mud while they play?
As an adult can you eat a small amount of sand and survive without a doctor?
Are we not supposed to be stronger than a kid?


What if there was a special substance in the body that governed ageing, immunity, radiant skin, vigor, mood, sleep, digestion, spirituality, and physical strength?
We do have something like that, according to Ayurveda. This substance is called Ojas.

In Sanskrit, Ojas has two prominent meanings. In the context of physical health and vitality, Ojas means "vigor." In the context of spiritual and emotional wellbeing, it is referred to as "the physiological expression of consciousness."

Oxytocin (Hormone of Love)

"If love around the world is going to be destroyed every living force in the world is going to be dried-up". You are in a party and you spot someone across the room. You think she is very beautiful. You desperately want to go over and talk to her. At the very thought of it, your heart starts racing and your palms begin to sweat. Looking over at her again, you see that amazingly enough she is coming over to you. Even before speaking to her, you feel like you have just fallen in love.

What is time according to Siva Sutra?
The Siva Sutras are the cornerstone of Hindu Kashmir Shaivism.

It contains the firm and powerful ancient roots of some of the concepts of Universal creation, metaphysic and power of the mind. The whole sutra is designed to work our way, towards Enlightenment. This text is one of the greatest gems of humanity to have survived the waves of time. According to Shiva Sutra time is distance between one thought and the other thought and we human-beings have millions of thought every day and hundreds of different thought every second. If you are indulged in a particular thought process, for example say you spend a day with your loved ones and you go out dating with her, the chances of having other thoughts are limited and you will actually spend your full concentration speaking or chatting with your loved one. You can realize that the entire day is shrunk into an hour or less. This is because, time is the distance between one thought process and the other thought process. The modern world measures time in seconds, whereas the Sutra measures time in thoughts... So let's try and understand how this affects our ageing process. What is ageing and what causes it? When a boy is 5 years he grows in height and weight and when he is 15 he starts growing moustache but do we call this ageing? Do we regret? No!

Contents of the Ojas:

1.Questions from the author.
2.Answers from the author.
3.Understand the matrix.
4.What is mind?.
5.Layers of mind.
6.What is time according to Siva Sutra?.
7.What are Thoughts and how is it related to mind?.
8.Thoughts, Emotions and ageing.
9.Overflow of thoughts.
10.What is ageing and how is it related to our mind?.
11.What is Mantra, how does it affect our mind?.
12.What initiates ageing?.
13.What causes ageing?.
14.How to stop ageing?.
15.Sex, Ojas and Ageing.
16.Accumulating and depleting Ojas.
17.Disturbed Ojas and Prana.
18.Ojas and Tejas.
19.Food for increasing Ojas.
20.What is Oxytocin? How does it affect our physical appearance?.
21.5 powerful steps to reverse your age.
22.How to sleep like Yogi?.
23.One mantra to clear the subconscious mind?.
24.One technique to bring back the lost innocence.
25.One technique to release Oxytocin from the brain.
26.One technique to reverse the thought process hence our mind and so your age.
27.One mantra to bring down your brain wave frequency and install peace.
28.One technique to shut down your mind’s computer and sleep like a baby.
29.Smoking, drinking, thought process and ageing.
30.Until you Understand.
31.11-point Lifesaver.